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K of C Flag Relay 2016

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What is the Knights of Columbus Flag Relay?

The Flag Relay is the vehicle used by the Knights of Columbus in Ontario to raise public awareness
of both Special Olympics and the continued support the Knights have for the Special Olympics movement. It also serves as an umbrella under which everything we do with Special Olympics, be it programs or fundraisers, falls under. The Flag Relay offers a way for members of the Knights of Columbus, the Squires and their families and friends to become involved, at the local level, with Special Olympics in their communities throughout the year.
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How did the Knights of Columbus Flag Relay 2016 begin?

In early 2015, the Knights of Columbus in Ontario were introduced to the Special Olympics Ontario School Championships & Qualifiers program. It was felt, by both the Knights and Special Olympics, that this was a perfect match for us as it allows the Knights to become more involved with Special Olympics at the local level, since this program has the support of the majority of the school boards across the province.
 The Flag Relay thus allows for us to first raise public awareness about Special Olympics
throughout Ontario. It also provides the Knights and their families the opportunity to work
with Special Olympics within their communities and to help the local Special Olympics athletes.

 How does the Knights of Columbus Flag Relay 2016 work?  

There are six Special Olympics Flags, with 6 separate routes, that are going from District to District
as a way to show our support for Special Olympics and the athletes within our communities. The Flag Relay will begin on January 4, 2016 where each District will have the flag for one week, which includes the time needed to pass the flag on to the next District. After the flags travel across Ontario they
will come together for the Opening Ceremonies of the Special Olympics Provincial School Championships in Durham Region on June 1-3, 2016. 
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  The flags were packaged in kits and were given to the first District Deputies in the relay at the
District Deputies meeting held in Toronto on November 27-28, 2015.

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How to promote the Knights of Columbus Flag Relay 2016?

Special Olympics Ontario will be assisting us in promoting
our Flag Relay in the following ways:
1. Special Olympics Communities - Special Olympics Ontario has
informed their local communities throughout the province about
 the Flag Relay. They have a copy of our schedule and routes,  so
each community is aware of where the flags are and when the flag
will be in their area. They are also looking forward to both participating
in our program and being of assistance should you need their help.

Click here for Special Olympics contacts
2. Social Media - Special Olympics Ontario will be using social media
(Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote the Flag Relay.
Click here for Special Olympics email address

3. Press Release - Special Olympics Ontario will be issuing a
press release to inform the public about our Flag Relay.
The Knights of Columbus will be promoting the Flag Relay
through the District Deputies, the Councils, online and on
kofcflagrelay.com website.


Click here for a copy of your Promotion Guide.

Planning your program for the K of C Flag Relay
1. Mark the date on your calendar as to when the Special
Olympics flag will be in your area.

2. The District Deputies are asked to contact their Councils,   
 the Fourth Degree, Squires, etc. about the Flag Relay and
invite them to participate and sign the flag.

3. Contact the local Special Olympics and invite them to 
participate in your program and to sign the flag.

4. Plan your Activities. Have the Councils in your District, along
with the local Special Olympics, send any past pictures they may
have with regards to any Special Olympics programs that the
two organizations had done together in their area over the past year.
 Send the pictures to
KOCFlagRelay@specialolympicsontario.com to be
 posted on social media. Arrange for a photo-op with the flag, possibly with
 a Fourth Degree Honour Guard, Squires, Special Olympians, local dignitaries,
 etc. Have everyone there sign the flag and the sign-in book. Arrange for a
flag-raising event at a local school, city hall, police station, etc. Organize
 an event, have a fund-raiser or volunteer for a Special Olympics.
The possibilities are too numerous to mention here. 

The purpose of the Flag Relay is to sign the flag and send plenty of pictures.
This in turn will raise both public awareness and possibly funds for
 the athletes in your community and to promote our involvement in
the Special Olympics
School Championships & Qualifiers.


Click here for a copy of your Planning Guide.

Implementing your program for the K of C Flag Relay
You have received a copy of the schedule and routes.
 You have marked the date on your calendar.
You have planned your Flag Relay program and contacted the
people who will be taking part in your Flag Relay program.
 Now the flag is about to arrive in your District. 


Once you receive the Flag Relay kit, and confirm that the contents are in
 place, you are asked to sign the flag to start the Flag Relay in your 
District and print your name in the book. Please review the material
on the USB drive which contains information about the
Flag Relay program.



                                            Sign the flag                 Sign the Book           Email Pictures


Now you can conduct your Flag Relay program, which can be...

A photo-op with the flag.


A flag-raising event with Special Olympics
athletes at the local school

A flag-raising event at City Hall


A cheque presentation to the local Special Olympics



Conduct a K of C Bottle Drive for Special Olympics


 Conducting a Special Olympics event.

Selling K of C Raffle Tickets.



Supporting a Special Olympics School Event.

Plus more...


 The three key components to any program, be it a photo-op,
an event or a fundraiser is to...


                                               Sign the flag             Sign the Book            Email Pictures


Reporting the results of your program K of C Flag Relay
 During the time the flag is in your District, a memo/log book is included in the kit for you to
record your activities of your Flag Relay program. This includes Councils that participated,
volunteer hours, programs and events conducted, funds raised, if any, comments and
suggestions about the Flag Relay. Should you have any notes prior to receiving the flag you can
save the file on the USB included with the kit.

This information can be used in completing the
Flag Relay Report (State),
The Partnership Profile Report with Special Olympics (Supreme)
and the
Jack Clancey Award (State).

A copy of these forms can also be found on the USB.


Continuing the K of C Flag Relay (moving the flag)

As you approach the end of the week with the Flag, please contact the next District Deputy
on your route who is scheduled to receive the flag where arrangements can be made to transfer
the Flag, in a timely manner, so as to continue the Flag Relay.

If this passing of the Flag can be done personally, this would make
for a great photo-op as this could become a formal ceremony where representatives from both Districts are present, possibly with a Fourth Degree Honour Guard, to mark this memorable occasion.

However, if the distance between Districts is too great, we have included bags from Purolator so that the kit can be transported by courier. The information on how to use Purolator is on the USB and, if necessary, Special Olympics can assist you.

If you plan on using the courier, please arrange to take pictures of the Flag before it leaves so that we will have a visual record of the flag arriving and leaving the District.


After the Flag Relay has left your District

After the Flag has left the District you can still continue to submit pictures of any of
your activities with Special Olympics, especially in particular with regards to the
Special Olympics School Championships and Qualifiers program.
A Calendar of Events for this program can be found at
Qualifiers Program Calendar of Events 2015/2016

How can the Knights become involved with Special Olympics locally?

Through the Special Olympics School Championships and Qualifiers program the Knights
can become more involved with Special Olympics at the local level, be it by
conducting a Flag Relay event as part of the program, or by becoming a volunteer, or by 
to helping raise funds to assist an athlete with some of the costs incurred
 in participating in the program (Adopting An Athlete).

The Special Olympics School Championships and Qualifiers program provides quality
competition experience for students with an intellectual disability aged 13 21 in the sports
of basketball, soccer, bocce and track & field. 48 regional qualifying competitions will be held throughout the 2015/2016 school year. Teams at each regional qualifier will be vying for the opportunity to advance to the SOO School Championships to be held June 1-3, 2016 in Durham.  

Its inaugural season began as a series of four youth Basketball competitions during the
2011-2012 school year, advancing teams to a Provincial Championship in Waterloo, the first
of its kind for school athletes with intellectual disabilities. Its success led to an expanded offering in 2012-2013 providing 16 qualifying competitions in Basketball and Soccer, culminating in a Championship held at York University May 14-15, 2013. A total of 1376 athletes participated
in the 2012-2013 season, along with 351 coach-educators and 232 volunteers. 

The success of the project has highlighted the growing opportunity and demand for improvement
to the quality and availability of competition for school based athletes with intellectual disabilities. Prior to this project, these opportunities were limited, with the majority of such athletes either not participating in physical activity at school or training in school clubs with little to no possibility of competition. This project illustrates the effectiveness of using regional competition as a way of introducing new athletes and coach educators to sport and physical activity. 




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