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Hometown Games




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Hometown Games Advisor


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Special Olympics is a worldwide program providing year-round sports training and competition for people with an intellectual disability. Sport Canada recognizes Special Olympics as the main provider of these services, although some participants may also have physical challenges. In Canada, over 32,000 athletes participate in training and competition organized by 12 Provincial and Territorial chapters. In Ontario, the organization is active in over 140 communities across the province, operating 1,643 sports clubs through a dedicated team comprised of over 7,000 volunteers. There are over 16,000 athletes registered across the province.

The real impact of Special Olympics Ontario (SOO) is helping its athletes daily to fulfill their dreams and to enrich their lives. Research has proven physical training and athletic competition for individuals with intellectual disabilities increases self-respect, self-confidence, enhances adaptive skills, and strengthens social and emotional development.


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Special Olympics Ontario is well known for its International, National and Provincial Games, but the key for all athletes is the access and opportunity to compete close to home. Although Special Olympics Ontario has long hosted local and regional competitions, the scope, quantity and availability falls well short of the need, especially given the number of new athletes joining the Organization.

Hometown Games are a new sport property of Special Olympics Ontario.  By virtue of its organizational structure Hometown Games will address the need for more local sport competition.  It will also provide an opportunity for individuals to volunteer with Special Olympics at the community level.

 Guelph – Basketball Tournaments (Guelph and Ottawa), Nordic Skiing (Gravenhurst)

Swim Meet (Barrie), Soccer Tournament (Perth), Baseball Tournament (Toronto)


      Nearly 40 years of experience have taught us that the full benefit of Special Olympics is achieved only when the athletes can apply in competition the skills and fitness acquired through training. Games and competition are essential to the Special Olympics experience.

      By virtue of its organizational structure, Hometown Games will address the need for more local sport competition. It will also provide an opportunity for individuals to volunteer with Special Olympics at the community level. Volunteers will make a real and valued contribution to the community and become part of a great TEAM.

      A significant number of athletes will not advance beyond local and regional
      competitions, since the capacity of Provincial and National Games cannot keep pace with the dramatic increase in new athlete enrolment.

      Special Olympics is therefore committed to the expansion and enhancement of
      competitive opportunities at the local level - Hometown Games.


      To develop a self-sustaining competition model that can be adapted for any community.

      To provide opportunities for new volunteers and corporate sponsors to participate in their communities.

      To host up to 20 new quality competitions in one year that will both meet competition priorities and demographic needs within Special Olympics Ontario.

      To host quality competitions at a low cost to the athletes.

      To market Hometown Games as an important element for Special Olympics athletes.


The “host” partner takes primary responsibility for the operational order and funding of the event.  That is for planning, organizing funding and operating the event from start to finish. The organization agrees to coordinate and facilitate a Special Olympics Hometown Games. A business, service club, school or organization can create a Host Committee to facilitate a Special Olympics Hometown Games.  This event, most often happening over a one-day period can provide an exceptional volunteer experience and team-building event. We hope not only to increase local sport competition, but through your help, to increase the legacy of awareness and greater opportunities for people with an intellectual disability!

Providing value to sponsors and athletes is the focus of this new Special Olympics property Hometown Games. Your council will be central to our goal of increasing competition for our athletes and raising funds to ensure that community programs continue to grow across the province.


      One-day event involving 50-150 Special Olympians.

      Select a sport from an extensive list.

      Special Olympics Ontario provides financial backing to cover any shortfalls.

      Access to support from experienced Special Olympics staff.

      Registration fee of $10 per athlete is put back in your community.

      Operations Manual provided. (Click here for Manual)

      Insurance coverage through Special Olympics Ontario.


 Overall budget approximately $5,000 to cover the following:

      Facility Rentals.

      Medals for all participants.

      Athlete Meals (Lunch/Snacks).

      Banners/Signage for sponsors and competition.

      Volunteer recognition.

      Thank you advertisement.

 Games budget can be funded through sponsorship, donation or gifts-in-kind.

Hometown Games has taken place successfully in various local communities across the province, such as the

Hometown Games Softball Tournament
Hosted by Knights of Columbus in Toronto


Hometown Games Soccer Tournament
Hosted by Knights of Columbus in Perth

Special Olympics will strive to maximize local exposure and recognize your support. There are many benefits to becoming a "host" of a Hometown Games event, but the recognition and the value will most notably come from the athletes themselves!

Make a cash or in-kind gift to a Special Olympics Hometown Games and see your investment grow before your eyes.  The actual event will produce both a great competition for community athletes and others; and the surplus will seed more events for Special Olympics athletes at a community level. 


For further Information please contact:

Hometown Games Advisor
Special Olympics Ontario
165 Overlea Boulevard, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M4H 1P1

Toll Free: 1-888-333-5515




City Date Sport K of C
Toronto Nov 28/15 Bowling Toronto Eastern & Western Zones
Perth Aug 8/15  Soccer District 30
Toronto July 4/15 Baseball Toronto Eastern & Western Zones

Please click on the City for more information on that particular Hometown game




Every event needs volunteers.  Some events may require manpower to organize the competition while others to provide the financial support through the “host” partner program.  This is a great opportunity to acquire volunteer hours for school or increase the effectiveness of a corporate volunteer program.


Special Olympics Ontario
165 Overlea Boulevard, Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario
M4H 1P1


Phone: (416) 447-8326      Toll Free: 1-888-333-5515      Fax: (416) 447-6336
Website address:


Special Olympics Ontario is a volunteer-based organization. Currently, there are close to 6,000 volunteer coaches, club managers, fund-raisers and administrators providing sport programs for over 16,000 athletes in Ontario. They provide technical support for all the sport training programs and competitions, administrative support services, and host fundraising events. Our success depends on the dedication of our many volunteers. Listed below are two general areas in which the talent, skills, and expertise of volunteers are used effectively within Special Olympics at a community, regional, and/or provincial level.


 These can be either on-going sport clubs or one-time special events. Positions include: coach, manager, timer, official/referee, meet/tournament coordinator, etc.  If you enjoy being with athletes and have a passion for a particular sport that Special Olympics offers, there is a position for you.  Special Olympics offers courses in working with athletes with an intellectual disability and we can direct you to courses for further sport technical knowledge.  Or if you would like to help out at particular competitions, your assistance is valuable  


These positions require less sport technical knowledge. If you have strong organizational skills, a background in bookkeeping or public relations, your help in administering a club, community council or regional competition management team is needed. Positions include: Fundraiser, Treasurer, Public Relations, Registrar, Fundraising Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Coordinator, or Club Manager.  


For more volunteering information, please visit


and to browse current volunteer opportunities visit


We are always looking for new vibrant volunteers throughout Special Olympics Ontario. Various coaching and volunteer positions are available in local communities. For more information or to help locate volunteer positions in your community, please contact your local District Developer



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