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Tootsie Roll State Fundraiser




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The Tootsie Roll® Fund Raising Event was initiated 2005 by Ontario State Council as an endeavour in support of Special Olympics Ontario. This program has been very successful for years all over the United States and in particular with our own Council #4386 Holy Family in Windsor in support of those with developmental handicaps.

With the establishment of this program as a state wide initiative, it is hoped that the Councils of Ontario can provide the needed assistance to the two chosen recipients and this event would qualify as a Community and Youth program for the Columbian Service Award.

 The project involves Council members going out into the community, offering Tootsie Rolls® to the public in exchange for a donation. The concept is similar to a tag day. (See Program Guidelines).

Councils are asked to do the following:

Notify State Office that they wish to conduct an event by filling out and sending the Intent to Participate Form to the State Office. They will also indicate on the form if they wish to purchase smocks for the event. These will be sent and invoiced from State Office.
Intent to Participate Form - French Version


The State Office will then send out an official Order Form which the council is complete and send directly to Tootsie Roll® Canada, with the other copies to the noted recipients.

Upon receipt of the product, the council will conduct the drive and report their success with the Final Report Form. Funds raised will be shared between the Council (40%) for their own charitable endeavours and Ontario State (60%) which will then donate these funds to Special Olympics Ontario.
Final Report Form- French Version

  This program should be incorporated with your regular Council Surge with Service activities for the upcoming fraternal year. The potential for this program is great; the more Council s participating, the more funds that can be raised and we can continue our history of service to the Church and the Community.





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