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Annual Special Olympics Report



 The Partnership Profile Report
Special Olympics
Form #4584

(Due Date : January 31st)


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Partnership Profile Report

    with Special Olympics

(Form 4584)


         Each year, Supreme Council is allocating a total of $250,000 towards the Special Olympics program across the jurisdictions.
In 2010-2011, the Ontario Knights of Columbus finished third in our division and  received $5,871.60.

he amount a jurisdiction receives is based on six criteria:

1. Percentage of councils reporting (just turning in
     the form)

2. Percentage of councils participating (ones that 
     volunteered or donated  money)

3. Number of volunteer hours

4. Number of volunteers

5. Number of events

6. Funds donated

Our share is determined, in part, by the number of  Councils that submit the form even if there is no participation, just submitting the form matters.

 Last year, 66 Councils in Ontario submitted their 
 Form 4584 for which the Ontario State Council 
 received over $1,500 from Supreme Council to 
 assist with our Special Olympics programs.


Please submit Form 4584 by the due date of January 31st

Printable copy (English Version) of Form 4584

Printable copy (French Version) of Form 4584 





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